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Photo Doctor - How to reduce or eliminate 'Red Eye'

Lots of Red Eye
Less Red Eye
"Red Eye" caused by direct flash with no room lights on causing the iris of the eyes to be wide open "Red Eye" reduced by turning on one lamp and moving the subject closer to it

Lots of Red Eye
"Red Eye" eliminated by turning on all the lights in the room

Red Eye is the title given to the effect of strong light bouncing straight back from the rear of the eye. The red colour is caused by the blood cells at the back of the eye. This effect is exaggerated when there is very little light in the room because the iris of the eye is set wide open to allow as much light in as possible.

If extra lighting can turned on in the room, such as lamps and/or overhead lights, then the effect is reduced because the iris of the eyes have closed down a little to compensate for the extra light.

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