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Photo Doctor - Why are my night shots too dark?

Dark Night Shot
Bright Night Shot
Night photo taken with the flash on Auto. The flash is not able to light a subject much more than 3 metres (12 feet) away.
Same photo taken with the flash turned off. Camera is now allowed to work out the correct exposure for itself. You might also need to set your camera to "Night Scene"

If you leave the flash on at night, then the subject, say 50 metres (150 feet) away, will remain dark because (a) the flash on your camera can only throw its light about 3 metres (12 feet) and (b) the camera restricts itself to shutter speed so fast (about 1/60 second) that it will not let enough light in. If the flash turned on you are also likely to get reflections off nearby objects, particularly if your camera is behind a window.

When you turn the flash off the camera is left to decide for itself when enough light has come in to expose the scene properly and should then give you a well lit shot of your night scene. You may also need to set your camera to "Night Scene" if it has one. This will automatically turn the flash off and let enough light in to the camera to make sure the shot is well exposed.

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