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Photo Doctor - Why are my photos so grainy?

Dark Night Shot
Bright Night Shot
Section from a 1 mega pixel image
Same section from a 4 mega pixel image

The size of a digital camera's sensor, the part that records the image, is expressed in megapixels. The greater the number of megapixels (MP), the more information this sensor can capture and the better quality will be.

Many digital cameras allow you to drop the number of Megapixels (resolution) used so that you can fit more shots on a memory card. Many people think that reducing the Megapixels so they can fit 260 shots on a memory card instead of the 50 a maximum resolution is a good thing. It is most certainly not!

As the images above show more Megapixels is better. You can always drop resolution if you need to (say to email a shot) but you cannot add resolution where it has already been taken away.

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